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Storm water run-off effects the environment in harmful ways. Anything that can be washed into the waterways from the Earth's surface when it rains such as oil and fluids from cars, fertilizer and pesticides from lawns and cigarette butts tossed to the ground, contributes to storm water pollution.

American Storm Water Helps Prevent Storm Water Pollution

American Storm Water's mission has always been to prevent our precious oceans, rivers and streams from further storm water pollution by developing the most innovative concepts in catch basin screen technology. American Storm Water has earned the reputation of providing unparalleled customer service by responding quickly and efficiently to their clients needs, so that we can all enjoy—A Cleaner Tomorrow™.

We Keep Our Clients One Step Ahead of Government Regulations

American Storm Water understands how difficult it is to keep up on new government regulations regarding storm water run-off. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to make sure their storm drains meet government regulations and they stay in compliance.