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city storm water drains, catch basin manufacturer, storm water pollution
The rugged and dependable Surf-Gate is made of 100% 304 steel construction and works extremely well in most weather conditions. Its simple, yet efficient automatic retractable screen (ARS) gate design can be adjusted to "un-lock" and open up to storm water curb flow from 20% to 60% of curb height. The Surf Gate is also designed with a special "locking" application, which keeps children safe and large debris from getting into the catch basin.

city storm water drains, catch basin manufacturer, storm water pollution

Surf Gate is Unlike Other Screened Gate Technology

Unlike other screened gate technology, the Surf Gate functions with a double locking mechanism that allows the gate to be locked into a secondary position if debris becomes trapped between the gate bottom and curb base.

Once the debris becomes dislodged by a street sweeper or curb water flow, the Surf Gate will return back into its primary "locked" position, ready to deter trash from entering the catch basin.

Surf Gate Puts a Stop to Waterway Pollution!

American Storm Water is so confident in the Surf Gate's ability to help stop harmful trash and debris from polluting our waterways that we offer our valued customers a long term material warranty, along with a 1 year installation warranty for every unit we sell and install. In addition, if installed in conjunction with our "Debris Dam" catch basin screen insert, both units are guaranteed to eliminate all trash and debris as small as a cigarette butt from entering the storm drain.

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